Monday, 19 June 2017


News of the mountain black cherry.
She is strong and healthy. The ramificaction is surprisingly good.
The internodes are shorter than expected.
Next spring the surface-roots and trunc-line will be overhauled, I mean carved and so on.
Hm, I like this project ...

Monday, 5 June 2017


Today I was lucky enough to be visited by a very gifted female photo-artist.
Mrs. Claudia Bosch ( made
a couple of professionell shots after I had done some routine maintenance duties.

One of these shots impressed me very much because of its skilled craftswork
of realisation and the encoded massage.
This picture is a kind of paradigma to me and tells (imho) so much about our
work and passion.
The bonsai-artist(?!) or creator should be standing humbly in the back seat of his work.
His figure is real but blurred.
The manual craftmanship itself is sharp and enlighted.
This is what takes unbreakably part in reality.
Compared to that, the man's mind thinking is abstrakt and almost immaterial.

The mystery of bonsai to me is:
Experiencing the result of both worlds.
A strong man's hand with a steely tool (how brutal this sounds !),
together with the sensitivity of a man's mind imagination (how fragil this sounds!),
creates living pieces of art.