Sunday, 5 January 2014


Tilia_2 Update
- One of two possible front-views
- The wire will be put off in June
- The branches have to thicken alot
- At that stage of development, I try to implement some movements in the initial styling
  of the primary branch-struture

- The back-side

And this was the Linden after the 2013 growing-period, before styling:

Thursday, 2 January 2014


Tilia_5 Update

- One of two possible front-views.
- The Linden will be wired in February.
- There is a good choice of new branches.
- the design will be something like a "free-broom-style".

-  back-side? front-side?



(Translation of klumpen_linden = linden_clump. The name refers to the compact appearance of the trunc-line. The linden is nearly as high as wide...)

- There is a lot of carving-work to do
- Some of the branches are not able to be wired, because they are too thick
- After some basic designing-steps, the tree will be allowed to grow freely
  for the next years
After some basic work:


Update of Tilia _8

- the flat cutting-areas had been overhauled.
- the tree will be wired the next weeks
- again the tree will be allowed to grow freely the next season
- well, there is a long way to , before the crown will be suitable for the massiv trunkbase ...

After the very first styling: