Thursday, 7 May 2015

Kevin and the witch-elm

A new design for my elm (Ulmus campestre) by Mister Kevin Wilson himself !!!

On April 19th we had a workshop with Bonsaimaster Kevin Wilson in a pub near to Hamburg.
Well, it is not necessary to introduce Kevin, everybody knows him.
For me it was the first time to met him.
Not only that he is a real carving-god, he is an artist with the drawing pencil as well!

I like this guy so much for his open minded and free spirit, talking and thinking.
What a pity, that we could not spent more time together.
Hopefully he will come back to Hamburg next year.

I asked Kevin to improve the design and carvings of my elm.

  Kevin explained, that this species is called "witch-elm" in England.
  Maybe because, the witches in england use the branches of this particular species to build theire
  (flying)- brooms. 
  Ulmus Minor/Campestre has got larger leafs than the english Elm Kevin likes to work on.
  With the routine of the master he shortened quickly a lot of branches to creat a more elegant tree.

  After the elm had been wired, Kevin started the carving.
  Caution!: Normally the wiring is done after the Carving-job!
  It is by far too dangerous to use power-tools if guy-wires are fixed on the tree!

  I simply like this Bonsai-Mad-Man and I adore him for his artistical skills according to bonsai.

Thank you for being in Hamburg with us.

  One day we will meet again, mate ....