Tuesday, 10 May 2022


 Last weekend I worked on that one again. I edited the crown a bit. 

I wanted to create is a reasonbably dome-shaped upper part of the tree. 

Now that i reached that result, i am not satisfied ...

On the next styling-session , i will put in some more asymetry within the crowns design.

At least this is a not too bad stage to start from  ...

Sunday, 27 February 2022


 Once i had a dog. 

And as every dog-owner i walked my Jack-Russel-Lady daily.

On our way, we often passed a majestic sequoia-tree.

Every now and than I paused the dog-walk and admired this 

magnificent tree.

I often wondered how this Sequoia giganteum came to its

location in my neighbourhood.

Than one day the mistery was solved. 

An article in a local newspaper said, that the owner-family of the property

had visited the west-coast of the US about forty years ago.

Among other stops they also visited a very special place of the Giant Forest  

in Sequoia National Park/California.

They brought some bristle-cones of a specific tree back home, in order 

trying to plant the seeds in the garden.  Well, they obviously had success with their 


No joke, no fake! 

On the pictures below you see a veritable descendant 

of the famous Seqouia giganteaum named "General Sherman" !!!

Monday, 14 February 2022


 Last sunday we took a walk  through a park near to a castle.

All of a sudden a hollow tree gained my attention. 

I wonder if i ever have seen a hollow  Platanus before. I don't think so ...

Here are the sights of three worlds: the tree, the cavity, the man ...





Saturday, 22 January 2022


 I often wondered what kind of background fits best.

A darker or rather a lighter one.

So i made some pics of a newly designed Hinoki (again) to

have a look at that topic ...

Fell free to leave your choice in the comment-zone below, which background

do you like better?

Monday, 3 January 2022


 Another Hinoki at the initial styling stage. This time a nine-truncer. 

The tree's structure is very complex, Wiring and branch-setting took about ten houres.

Unforntunately the picture do not show the 3D staggered arrangement, which is the key-feature

of this tree. Potting is sheduled for upcoming spring.

Sunday, 12 December 2021


 A Chamacyparis obtusa i bought in a nursery two month ago.

The tree seemed a bit neglected, but it was healthy enough to be styled.

The inner primary-structure is based on a five-trunc. The leafes of the tree show

different colour-shades. Maybe the reason for this is a kind of a natural "winter-colouration",

And the Cypress as a across-fading image over the former raw-plant.

Thursday, 18 November 2021


 A couple of days ago i tried on this one.

A Chamacyparis obtusa, bought in a regular garden-center. The kind of material that is easy 

to obtain almost everywere. 

I think every bonsai-enthusiat tries this species one day ... 

So did i, and i am very pleased with the obtusas's properties for styling little trees.

Of course this specimen is still very far from glory, Just the very first styling ...

 And the cross-fading-picture with the foto of the initial raw-material ...