Friday, 8 February 2013


I would like to plan an air-layering b e f o r e irreversible cuttings are done.
Additionally it would be very useful to diskuss the planning with my bonsai fellows,
because I am not sure about the best height of the air layering.
So I decided to develop an virtual backward planning concept.

This is the tree. For my liking the trunk is too long and uninteresting.


In order to transfer the virtual planing into the analog world, I fixed some markings
arround the trunk.
Later on, this markings will provide the orientation for the airlayering cutting.


Well, the markings are somehow irritating towards the free "intuitional" virtual designing-process.
So they are covered with the original bark-layer within the software-application.
We have got the same situation like in the first scenery, but the bark-layer is now "removeable".


A first virtual styling attempt. The pot pot is too big. I shrinked it a bit.
This is not the final outcome, just a draft ....  my bonsai-fellows have to tell this weekend ;-)

If the position (height) of the airlayering is determined, the bark-layer is removed (wthin the app.)
and the markings will give an exact hint for the layerin- cuttings.


Well, some cosmetical adjustment towards the final draft.
The bark-layer has been put back. The markings will stay untill the weekend, for
the diskussion with my fellows ...