Sunday, 16 August 2015


Here is one of my new raw-material from spring 2015,
a Sorbus intermedia.
The tree was located in a flood-zone of a brook-area.
Maybe that is why the trunk is so furred.
The last picture shows a branch-grafting.
The lack of a suitable lower branch induced me to try this technique.
We will see in autaumn, wether  this plan will be successful ...

Friday, 7 August 2015


This is my latest raw-material, wich I collected on a brook landscape.
To get the permission for collecting this alder was very easy.
A storm had impacted that area the neight before.
The workers, who cleared up the wind-damages the day after
gave me kindly permission to dig out the uprooted tree.

The nebari of the tree, 24 cms wide, with lots of knobs and warts on the old bark

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Tilia_2 update

An update of the village_linden.

This summer I made the sudden decision to cut off the first three lower branches.
The tree before the removal of the branches.

And the final result.

Well, the  change is not that extrem, but the pictures in winter will show my intent of
cutting of these branches.
- I want to show more of the massive trunk.
- the new lowest branches will be wired down with guy-wires
- the upper part of the crown is too dense, it will be "brushed up" the next styling session
- the pot will be changed to a 10cm bigger one in next spring