Saturday, 17 January 2015

Tilia_2 update

An update of the village-linden again

- Alot of twigs and shoots had to go.
- There will be guy-wires to design some of the thicker branches.
- Well, the desihning-plan will go on.
- I am looking foreward to see, wether the next growing-season bring on a progress to the

- The development within four years

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Tilia_6 update

Update of the lindentree, that I collected on a small mountain.

- The development within three years
- Nobody liked the tree on the internet, I mean the linden had been offered on a selling plattform.         Obviously vending was not successful ...
- Anyway, now the tree stays with me
- The nebari on the lefthand side has to be improven ofcourse.
- I will try to reach this by root-grafting or/and the "bycicle-rubber"-technique ...
- I will describe that special technique in a posting this summer