Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tilia_2 update

An update of the heavy linden.
- I did some work on the carvings.
- The branches had been wired an placed again.
- Alot of other branches had to go.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Tilia_1 update

This is anothers this years's linden.
There had been a fungus damage.
Now the first carving is done.
Alot of stress for the tree this year, but he is really strong and healthy.
The tree will get through this ...

Ulmus_1 update

Update of the elm.
An improvement of design had been intended.
I wanted the flat branch-pads to be dissolved for the benefit of a more
natural appearance of a broadleaf-tree-design.
Maybe I am on wrong track, but I like it better now ...

Tilia_4 update

An update of the hollow linden.
Well, the tree fairly regained strength .

- In 2013 there will be also a substitute of the unsufficient substrat
- The upper area of the tree has to put on
- The scars are beginning to build nice callus
- the tree will be allowed to grow freely in 2013

Monday, 24 December 2012

Tilia_3 update

Here an update of the sandra_linden.
The were no big changes towards the designing this years .
Regaining after a bad spring had been all I wanted to achieve ...

Which front-view would  you like better ?

- Okay, today the deadwood appears a little bit crude.
  It will be improven in spring 2013.
- The substrat is not optimal to my display-site.
  this also will be changed in 2013.

Tilia_5 update

Here an update of another linden.
Of course this tree is not even in a stage of prebonsai.
It is just my youngest project ...

- the number of branches had been reduced
- branches had been placed
- some first carving had been done
- the next developing-aim is to thicken the branches
- the linden will be allowed to grow freely the whole season of 2013
- it will be repottet in 2013 whithout root-disturbing because of  improvement of soil-management     matters.

In the "studio" ...

Well, my photographing-skills are obviously still in an early state of development ...
I "diy-ed" some soft-boxes for better illumination of the trees this autum.
Now I have to find out, how to deal with the new equipment ...

Self, with little Luna, my Jacky-Lassie ...

Test for depths of focus

Some training, is required ... :-)

And this is how it goes:
The improved studio consists of three "diy-ed" softboxes and a black background.
The softboxes are hung up with chaines and hooks under the wooden ceiling.