Sunday, 3 January 2021


Tosho sounds good.

Technically a needle-juniper is meant by this japanese term. 

In this paticular case it is a simple juniperus communis variety.

Potted in late summer 2019, shortened in late spring of 2020.

First maintenance-aim is to promote the inner budding.

This has been succesful here and there so far. 

No major  "insults" planned for the 2021 ...


 'Digged this yew in spring 2019 on my garden-ground as kind of waste, 

'cause the fence had to be renewed.

And yes, it is debatable, wether this material is worth saving for further deyelopment.

No, it is not worth it.

But i simply could not resist, to try  to do something out of nothing.

Otherwise, should i have thrown it away? 


Possibly wind-swept, a leaning trunc or even a fallen trunc, as some kind of  raft ...

Pictures as of the beginning, for record:

Sunday, 27 December 2020


In my opinion the "Kifu"-class (between 8 and 12 inches height) is an underestimated Bonsai-format.

I figured it ideal for me, since i had this disc prolaps.

I used to dig, collect and therefore carry heavy dicidous yamadories.

Now i am buying raw-material from nurseries mostly. 

Anyway ... ,

here comes my second kifu-yew.

A repanda-variety of taxus baccata two years under my control.

Thursday, 24 December 2020


Still under structural construction. Two branches less, two tiny jins more ...

Just for the record ...

Monday, 21 December 2020


'Found this tree highly neglected in a nursery.

The tree started to build compost-pockets within the branch-bases.

Such was the sinking in oblivion ..Undescribably ...

Nonetheless, the Junipers comes with some bonsai-features already.

'Like the bark and the green parts close to the trunc ...

I consider that good raw-material ...

Wednesday, 2 December 2020


 Well, the heavy Prunus Serotina decided to leave me.

She is heading for W. P.'s garden.

And again no hard feelings. I am just glad that she found her perfect destination.

The new owner can do more for this specimen than i ever could.

By the way, can anybody help to get the tree from Hamburg to Munich?

Sunday, 22 November 2020



I hardly dare to show this tree ...

It had been a very bad season for this particular specimen 

(storm-damage, watering-issues e,t,c, ...)

I underestimated the difficulty of designig A. campestre.

' Shortened the tree a bit.

At least the lower branches have increased in diameter ...

The top will will certainly recover very quickly ... So just for the record :